HFOV 25deg Lepton Trial

We tried replacing the HFOV 51deg Lepton(Long-wavelength IR Camera Module) with the 25deg Lepton as an experiment for the compact thermal camera OWLIFT. The 25deg Lepton fit into the OWLIFT case.


The thermal photo by the 25deg Lepton is expanded approximately twofold than the 51deg one.

  • Left : by HFOV 51deg, Right : by HFOV 25deg
  • The room temperature : 22 degrees(Celsius)
  • Took a photo of a heat source that is 5m distance, 12cm x 15cm size, 36 degrees

Lepton51deg-36C Lepton25deg-36C

The 25deg Lepton doesn’t equip a shutter for calibration. So we have to perform calibration by other way if we release it to the market.


  • OWLIFT doesn’t support 25deg Lepton officially.
  • We don’t guarantee OWLIFT which is taken to pieces.