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USB Descriptor Analyze Tool “usbview”

Contents in this article is obsolete. Please refer to a new article.

It is useful to use USB protocol analyzer to analyze descriptor. However, it is convinent to use usbview(Microsoft) for brief analyze. We show you the usage of usbview tool.


usbview is included in WDK(Windows Driver Kit) for developing Windows devices driver.
You can download it from here. (as of Apr. 2013)

Download WDK and Install it to your PC.


usbview is located following folder.

32bit environment : {WDK installed folder}\Tools\x86
64bit environment : {WDK installed folder}\Tools\x64

Run usbview.exe. (The name is displayed “USB Device Viewer” on top-left corner of application window.)


The device appear on left view if connect USB device (for analyze) to PC.
The descriptors are displayed on right view if select device on left view.
Those displayed after class decoding as following.



This device compliant with UVC1.5 .
The application name was “uvcview.exe” in WDK7 (WDK for windows 7)