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The Compact Camera Module MCS-CX5

The Compact Camera Module MCS-CX5, that interface is USB3.0, equips the one-push auto focus feature that is a rare function in general compact camera module products.
MCS-CX5 Appearance The above photo: front side
The below photo: back side


  • USB3.0/UVC, Output Video Format YUV422
  • F-number 2.2, HFOV 64 deg. (47 deg. if Full HD mode), AWB, AEC/AGC, AFC
  • Resolution/ Max Framerate
    Max Framerate (fps)
    For USB3.0 For USB2.0
    2592x1944 15 N/A
    1920x1080 30 5
    1280x720 60 10
    640x480 60 30
  • UVC Standard Controls
    Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Hue, Saturation, White Balance, Band Filter,
    Focus(Fixable to an absolute focus position), Exposure Time, Rotate
  • UVC Extension Control: The one-push auto focus feature
  • The Image sensor: OmniVision OV5645


  • Size: Camera Board 13x9mm, Cable 20x9mm, USB Board 35x18mm
  • Weight: Approx. 5g
  • The direction shown as 8.5mm in the dimension is the same as the width side at displaying.
  • The cable length can't be changed.

MCS-CX5 Drawing


This is a demo movie for the one-push auto focus feature. Please mind a smoothness of the focus. This image quality is worse than the original, because of upload to YouTube.

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