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Android USB Camera

Android App "USB Camera"


The following features will be removed from this app after Sep. 30, 2019.
  • Easy Network Feature "VarCam-V"
  • RTSP communication function

Specifications and Characteristics

- You do NOT need root rights or changing Android ROM data.
(You can use normal Android device which is sold on the market)
- Video Size : SD (640x480), HD (1280x720)
- Recording (You can set the sound to On/Off), Sound Recording : by Android internal microphone
- Camera Control (Only supported commands of the camera are controllable) : Zoom, Focus, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, Gamma, Gain, Hue, White Balance, Anti-Flicker
- Still Image Capture
- Mirror Display (Flip Horizontal/Vertical)
- Display with Delay (Max 10 seconds)
- Connecting 2 USB cameras (Displaying simultaneously, Switching cameras)
- Connecting a USB camera (which is connected to Android) to PC as a virtual USB camera
- RTSP communication function

Restrictions and Attentions

- For versions of Android devices after 4.0 with a USB host function (*1)
- Unplug a USB camera from an Android device when you do not use this application. (*2)
- This app can't cooperate with other Android apps.
- Some Android device can't work well when recording sound. Please turn "MIC ON during recording" off, if you meet the trouble.
- Some Android device may not work well when connecting two USB cameras simultaneously.

*1 : Some Android device may not execute this application.
*2 : A battery may be consumed, because a USB camera may cause a slight current.

Easy Network Feature "VarCam-V"

This app can't cooperate with other apps (e.g. Skype).
So we offer VarCam-V software which enables our app to cooperate with Skype and so on.


VarCam-V WEB site
You can download VarCam-V Lite (Connectable only by single Android device) from the WEB site without charge. We can also offer VarCam-V Full (Connectable by multiple Android devices). Please refer the WEB site for details.

Notice : You need WiFi and PC in order to use VarCam-V.

RTSP communication function

You can communicate PC with the USB camera connected this application on RTSP.

Checked RTSP on [Network connection] at settings.
and Menu [RTSP settings].

Install VLC https://www.videolan.org/vlc
Menu [Media] - [Open Network Stream] Enter below
rtsp://(device ip address):11039/usbcamera/

Notice : You need WiFi and PC in order to use RTSP.

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