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Android App "USB Camera"

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This is an Android application to display and record the video from a USB camera which is connected to a smart phone or a tablet device.

Version Outline Price Link
Standard Including all functions. $0.99 Get it on Google Play
Trial Including same functions as Standard Version.
But, executable time is 60 seconds.
Free Get it on Google Play
(Former name "Lite")
Including same functions as Standard Version.
But, executable cameras are restricted.
Free Get it on Google Play

See Restrictions of Each Version for details.


Please confirm all functions (display, record, still image capture and so on) by using Trial Version, before you purchase or update pay apps. For example a trouble that your Android device can display and can not record may happen because of your environment or settings.

 Basic Functions
Connectting C270 (Logitech) to Nexus7 Connectting HX-A1H (Panasonic) to Xperia Z3
Android USB Camera - Nexus7 & C270 Android USB Camera - Sony Xperia Z3 & Panasonic HX-A1H
Basic functions (display, record and playback).

 Time Shifted Playback (Displaying Delay Movie)
This function is good for confirming sports forms of golf, archery, baseball, football and so on.

 Connecting 2 USB Cameras
Displaying 2 movies from 2 USB cameras simultaneously. USB Topology
USB Topology

 Network Feature (VarCam-V Lite)
Connecting a USB camera (which is connected to Android) to PC as a virtual USB camera.

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