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Compact High-sensitivity Camera

We offer compact high-sensitivity wearable cameras.

Product Lineup

MCS-W225 MCS-W225
  • Water resistant
  • Attachable to a helmet
  • Lens are changeable
  • Attachable to safety goggles


MCS-W225 MCS-M291A
Image Sensor Sony high-sensitivity CMOS
Video Format YUV422, Motion JPEG
Output USB2.0, UVC (USB Video Class)
Max Resolution,
Max Frame rate
1280 x 960, 30fps 1920 x 1080, 30fps
Changing Lens Unavailable Available (M12 Lens Mount)
Field of View HFOV 96deg., VFOV 51deg. HFOV 70deg. (Default Lens)
USB Cable Assembled, 1.2m Not included
Connector USB2.0 Micro-B male USB2.0 Mini-B female
Maximum Power Consumption 750mW 700mW
Waterproof Performance Equivalent to IPX7 (except for the tip of the cable) Not supported
External Dimensions, Weight (approx.) 32 x 42 x 62mm, 85g
(except for the cable)
21 x 21 x 23mm, 11g (except for lens and tripod board),
21 x 27 x 35mm, 25g (including default lens and tripod board)
Hole for Tripod Available, Rotatable for any angles Available, Rotatable for 4 angles

It can't shoot video/picture in complete or extreme darkness.
It is not strong against external shocks. Don't throw or drop it.
The mentioned items are subject to change without notice.

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