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Android App "USB Camera"

This is an Android application to display, record and so on for a USB camera. No advertisement, and free. We have been maintaining it since Mar. 30, 2013 that is the first release day.

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Specifications and Characteristics

  • You do not need root rights or changing Android ROM data. (You can use normal Android device that is sold on the market)
  • For versions of Android devices after 4.0 with a USB host function.
  • Video Size : SD (640x480), HD (1280x720)
  • Recording (You can set the sound to On/Off), Sound Recording : by Android internal microphone
  • Camera Control (Only supported commands of the camera are controllable) : Zoom, Focus, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, Gamma, Gain, Hue, White Balance, Anti-Flicker
  • Still Image Capture
  • Mirror Display (Flip Horizontal/Vertical)
  • Display with Delay (Max 10 seconds)
  • Connecting 2 USB cameras (Displaying simultaneously, Switching cameras)

Restrictions and Attentions

  • Note that July 18, 2023 update may cause some compatibility issues with certain Android 10 devices.
  • Some Android device or USB camera may not execute this application.
  • This app can't cooperate with other Android apps.
  • You can not use this app on an Android device that does not support Google Play.
  • Some Android device may not work well when connecting two USB cameras simultaneously.
  • Some Android device can't work well when recording sound. Please turn "MIC ON during recording" off, if you meet the trouble.
  • Unplug a USB camera from an Android device when you do not use this application. A battery may be consumed, because a USB camera may cause a slight current.
  • You can change a folder that saves recorded files or pictures at the menu of this app.


Basic Functions

Display, record and playback.

Time Shifted Playback (Displaying Delay Movie)

This function is good for confirming sports forms of golf, archery, baseball, football and so on.

Connecting 2 USB Cameras

Displaying 2 movies from 2 USB cameras simultaneously.

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